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Message taken from a message board. You can see I kept my cool and argued a very valid point, I am sure you will all back me up on this one.

Monkeyboy was his name, honest to Jesus' arse it was. I'm putting his arse on the line here.


Author : Monkeyboy
God there are some real sad fookers on some of the message boards!
Has anyone ever checked out the Action Quake 2 message board.

I think while we're waiting for AOE2, we need to invade the AQ2 board and mercilessly take the **** out of them.
God I must be bored.


Author : retarded baboon
Topic: FAO: monkeyboy: Obviously you are "Mr popular" in this community
posted 14-05-99 02:26 PM

But i ask you this:

Have you ever taken a wet sponge and tried to force it through a vacuum cleaner accessory? Well i bloody well have and i can tell you now... it's not as easy as it sounds. Plus the owner of the vacuum cleaner insisted that i lift the hoover in the air to do it which made it very inconvenient. To further complicate things the hoover was in fact not a Hoover, it was the persons child. This appeared to offend the father and i had to leave before the green police arrived.

So anyway, i would also like to ask, does anyone in this massive community have any tent pegs they could lend me? It's just that I seem to have mislaid mine after i had to wash my car and then go shopping. Whilst in the supermarket some youths paid for my shopping and then gave me a small bird-of-prey. I obviously couldn't eat this so it took it to my local newsagent and bargained with the shop-owner until he agreed to let me have a copy of his wife. When i got back she wouldn't speak so i had to sellotape her feet to the Television. This caused some grief to my next-door neighbour who was in the middle of watching it. I then decided it was about time i did some gardening. It was sunny outside so I took my dining room table and cemented it on top of the patio.

By this time i had got pins and needles all over the carpet in the loft. So i had to clean them up with my face.


[MnK]Retarded Baboon
Never mock me.