… I was wandering along, about to go through the dark corner and suddenly two ghastly figures appear out of nowhere … a moment of despair as I load a new clip into my trusty M4, a drop of sweat trailing past my brow…  the anguish in Chimpos' face as I go to pull the trigger ….. Mr Monkey takes some led in the chest, his ribs cracking under the pressure, and both his lungs fail …… Chimpos then gets a shot to the head and plummets to the ground, blood spilling from his cranium, his brains leaking…….

 The floor is strewn with limbs and internal organs…… Mr Monkey's head sits on top of Chimpos' arse in the corner…. With a sigh, I hesitantly continue through the altar of Kumanru, ready to pummel any other unsuspecting victims.  Just another day in the life of an elite soldier. 

 Watch your back.


 Author: BABOON