…..In the midst of a massive battle that just went on in the belfry, where Chimpos was injured and Pa! Was brutally murdered, Mr Monkey goes to look for the cause of this fight.  BABOON.  As Mr Monkey runs down into the field and collects his Kevlar vest to go with his already fully loaded MP5, he hears gunfire from behind…. Its Baboon, he's just blown Chimpos' head off!  It didn't really matter as Chimpos wasn't much use to Mr Monkey anyway because of his injuries… suddenly Baboon breaks into the field where Mr Monkey's hiding…. But Mr Monkey sees him first, with a couple of superbly aimed shots to his kneecaps, Baboon is crippled… he tries to run away as Mr Monkey cooly pulls out another magazine and throws it into his MP5, as he pulls back the handle and pumps a round into the chamber, Baboon pulls out his Akimbo pistols and starts to blaze away like madman …..
“f*cking hell!  He's mental!!” Mr Monkey thinks to himself as he hides from the incoming hail of bullets.  Suddenly the rain of bullets stop?  “this is my chance!” thinks Mr Monkey … he jumps out and Baboon is standing out in the open, attempting to reload an empty clip …….. Mr Monkey switches his MP5 to fully automatic and opens it up …….  Baboon catches one in the chest and falls to the floor …..  Mr Monkey runs over to him .. he is alive! … barely … Mr Monkey aims the barrel of his MP5 down at Baboon's helpless body and lets fly, emptying two whole clips on him….. Baboon's now lifeless body bucks and jumps on the floor while it is being filled with hot lead …. Mr Monkey thinks to himself “I could get used to this job!!!”


author:  “Antichrist”