……. As Mr Monkey slowly made his way towards the belfry, he hears footsteps behind him so he crouches down in the corner just next to the stairs…..  suddenly Chimpos comes flying round the corner at breakneck speed, just as Mr Monkey is pumping two shells into his handcannon, Chimpos tries desperately to reload his pistol but it is too late , BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hand cannon jerks back in Mr Monkey's hand as Chimpos' large intestine spills out onto the floor.  Chimpos looks up in dismay as Mr Monkey slowly pulls out his silenced pistol to finish him off…….


Baboon hears a slight pop from above and runs to his partners aid, but as he rises up the lift and steps off, CRASH!!!!!!!!!! Goes Mr Monkey's handcannon as Baboon hurtles to the bottom of the lift-shaft, seeing the floor rise up and eventually hit him in the face ………… Mr Monkey surveys the scene of mayhem that he has just caused, he looks over at Chimpos, his intestined laying all over the floor, he looks down the lift-shaft at the crumpled heap of Baboon's corpse, his head split and his brains oozing out of the crack, still pulsating……..

with a sigh he pumps another couple of rounds into each of them (just to make sure) then whacks another two shells into his handcannon and silently runs away………….