… as BOBALOB trundles along outside, approaching the entrance to the belfry he is totally oblivious that he is being spied upon….

Baboon clambers up the stairs having picked up the mighty M4, but wait… what is he doing? … He has thrown down the M4 and reaches down for the sniper rifle. 


As BOBALOB hesitates in the field, picking up the shells, they won't help him now…  BOBALOB spies an anonymous figure standing up on the balcony… he reaches for his weapon, but realises the he has dropped his weapon accidentally  dropped his weapon accidentally  dropped his weapon accidentally  dropped his weapon accidentally  dropped his weapon accidentally back by the bottom of the steps! …

Baboon aims up the sight on the sniper rifle and lines it up with BOBALOB's left eye …

in a moment of desperation, BOBALOB dives for the pump action shotgun but stumbles and crashes into the steps … Baboon has BOBALOB in his sights and blows the MOTHER AWAY!!  The kickback jolts Baboon's shoulder as he unleashes a round … it flies through the air, dancing in the midday sun…..


BOBALOB turns to face the balcony and manages to pull out a pistol with his remaining arm… BOBALOB goes to pull the trigger…. But the safety catch is on…..


Baboon casually pumps another round into BOBALOB's leg, to make his death even more painful…..  BOBALOB is barely alive but is still conscious… he goes for his throwing knife and tries to throw it in the direction of the balcony…


Baboon laughs to himself in a sadistic moment of glory … he lifts up the sniper rifle one last time and aims with skillful precision, BOBALOB is fading out but sees the flash of his blade cutting through the air…. Baboon lets off the last round – hitting the knife in mid-air, it spins, changing direction…  BOBALOB cannot see what is going on , he heard a gunshot – could Mr White be there to help him out? Or did Baboon shoot and miss?  BOBALOB screams for mercy as he hears the swish of the knife coming in his direction, he feels the steel cut through his flesh and tear his heart in two….


BOBALOB's heart is disfunctional but he takes one last breath….

As his sight fades, he sees Baboon jump down from the balcony  and throw the sniper rifle down beside him, in return for the shotgun which BOBALOB never got to use … BOBALOB is dead, and BABOON LIVES FOR ANOTHER KILL!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: BABOON