You may be thinking "what is MnK?", i don't blame you.  The Core Of Monkos once in their VAST history had an Action Quake2 clan called MnK ("clan" being a group of players who enter a league or tournament playing against other "clans").  Action Quake 2 is a First person perspective, 'shoot-'em-up' computer game played over the internet.  Devised (-CM) of two teams of five who proceed to kill each other in pitched battles on levels (lesser-known as "maps").  MnK generally won apart from against LCA who were good.  To the left is a link to a Code Of Conduct on how the Core Of Monkos wanted their clan members to behave.  There are also true stories that occurred during the era of the computer game and a kick-arse reply by Baboon to a homosapien criticiser of the community that was known as -Action Quake 2.

 Please go forth.