The Core Of Monkos was founded in 1996.  In the beginning only mouths and vocal chords were used (See the 'Monkcore Minutes' section).  Later we started using our entire bodies which are now on display in the 'Films' section.

There was obviously some raw talent but we hadn't learnt how to harness it yet. You will find some examples below. Head over to the "Imagine Happiness" page for the first major project undertaken by the Core in 2003/2004. Unfortunately we were still stuck with our old equipment so no widescreen.


In the early days the Core played a game called AQ2 (Action Quake 2) and created a clan called MnK. They amused the community with their unconventional humorous behaviour.

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Epsom Common

Simon and Larkin went MIA (Missing In Action) around 1999 and are presumed KIA


Below are some historic films. Make them go in your eyes



Imagine Happiness

(episodes totalling ~55mins)

A story of two soldiers and their battle against the enemy - and each other. Frank and Lez are trying to escape from enemy territory but will they make the extraction rendezvous? Are they friends? Are they even on the same side!?








































































happy days