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Head over to the official Core Of Monkos website by clicking on the image below. There you will find their latest productions.

















Don't tell them but here are some older productions which are no longer available to the public


Gangster Deal
The Optimist

The soul of the bouncy castle manifests as a man

An eccentric businessman enters the criminal underworld

An optimistic chap reaches the final straw


Forest Dweller
Country Watch
Quantum Leap

A man needs help in the forest

A daytime TV show with some internal issues

A parody of the old TV series where Sam has to "leap" into different people's lives and save their future


Slush Puppy
Garden Rapist
Life Insurance Advert

A short sketch about the popular snow cone drink

A man is haunted by a figure... IN THE GARDEN

Produced for Halifax life insurance. It makes you think...


Cosmonunkies RoH
Business Legends

The next installment in the Cosmonunkies series. No need to watch the old ones.

Success isn't all it's cracked up to be

A future where AI isn't all it's cracked up to be


Unstable Enabled
Mutineer Jim
Let's Rock

The grim reality of life for three troubled housemates

The story of a soldier battling his twisted mind

A trigger happy soldier gets into trouble


The Walk

Simon wants to party but he's not okay

An educational video on the dangers of handling raw chicken

A beautiful story of human connection


Thirsty for more? Go to the history page





  Funny Video Clips raise many questions in both human and monkey brains. The most important one being "Do we watch them, or do they watch us?". Some people have the view that comedy films actually control us and feed off our emotions/noises. For example, a Funny Video Clip might make you laugh in a particularly horrified way and then feed from you. Sucking your noise and moisture into it's cage. Like a huge beast stuck in a cage in a zoo that nabs small children at the first chance it gets and then rips them apart, scattering their limbs as far away from each other as possible. Then the beast could act all calm and pretend to care about the child to entice the paramedics into the cage. But once inside, the beast could become enraged and start slapping and eating the paramedics. This example might not seem related and a little extreme but believe me it's not. Comedy films are stuck in their television "cage" and they are angry. They are also hungry. Be careful.