There's an awful lot to say about Baboon .....  but there's no way i'm going to say it all.  However, i will say this - Baboon is like no other monkey.  His physical prowess brings him to a level above the other primates.  He has a high level of concentration and can complete multiple tasks simultaneously (e.g. walking and waving, walking and stroking etc.)  The thing that most people remember about RB is his FACE.  You can see a picture of this to the left.  Ponder at it's splendour, it's magical essence.  The way the features stick out of the head.  Protruding, piercing, penetrating the skin.  They form a pattern, the like of which i have never seen.  Disturbing, yet attractive.  Inferior yet impressive.  Deformed yet stylish.  In many ways the face could be seen as a separate entity.  The body being but a form of transport for the face.  Comparable to a beautiful woman getting on a bog standard Connex South-Central train to London.  People on the carriage aren't impressed by the train, they are impressed by the woman ON the train.  As they look at her the train becomes less and less important.  In the end it's only the FACE that really matters.  Some might say the Universe revolves around the FACE.  The FACE is life itself. 



Partially Human, caucasion, likes to cook monkeys in his garage and laugh heartily.

Sudo Simian

Chimpos Muchos

Crazy mofo
Master of expression. Frightens children by looking at them.

Mr Monkey