A link is a way of getting to somewhere (or something) else.  For example, i have a mouth and i might also have some food.  I would use a link between these two items which usually takes the form of my hands, a fork and maybe even a spoon.  Another type of link can be a chain, be it metal or another strong material.  Humans sometimes use these to secure items e.g. bicycles, motorcycles, faces etc. 

Don't get these two confused as it can lead to injury.  I had to find this out the hard way.  I tried to use a metal chain to link my bottom to the toilet seat and woke up in Hospital.  The nurse said i was traumatised and in need of thorough cleaning.  The most embarrassing thing was that I hadn't waxed my buttocks for a month. 

You can see how understanding links and when they are appropriate is of high importance.



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